This Fan Trailer Imagines the Ahsoka Tano Movie Star Wars Fans Still Need

Ahsoka, ready for a showdown.
Ahsoka, ready for a showdown.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Tano, the breakout heroine of The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, feels like she deserves a bigger spotlight. Even though she’s one of the most important characters in the episodic animated arm of the universe, her presence isn’t really strongly felt outside of it. Which is a shame.

Creator Tim Gonzales, playing with footage from Star Wars: Rebels, is imagining a world where she got the starring role she deserved by giving her a movie of her very own. “Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story” is a fan trailer that cuts together footage from Rebels to reshape Ahsoka’s excellent arc in the second season of that show into an Ahsoka-centric movie.

And I love it? Not only is it a great little trailer mockup, but it captures the character’s major conflicts in a way that really works. It pictures Ahsoka as the lynchpin of this fledgling group of Force users, guiding Kanan and Ezra while struggling with the dark shadow of her past and her Master looming on the horizon. And while I’m extremely happy with how that story played out in real life, it would be neat to see the version from the alternate universe this trailer imagines—one where Ahsoka’s conflict alone took center stage.


I’m really hoping that after the next season of Clone Wars Lucasfilm has some big plans for Ahsoka. She deserves it.

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Such an amazing character who we literally watched grow up. It’s sad we’ll never see her in live action.

Fun fact: If my wife and I have a daughter, her name will be Ahsoka. Our two sons are already named after Jedi. **fingers crossed**