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Watch The Fan-Made Trailer For A Boba Fett Movie That Needs To Happen RIGHT NOW

Illustration for article titled Watch The Fan-Made Trailer For A Boba Fett Movie That Needs To Happen RIGHT NOW

In the next decade, fans are going to see Boba Fett back on the big screen. Lucasfilm has almost certainly been working on a spinoff film starring the famous bounty hunter and while it’s not yet confirmed, it’s coming. What might it look like? Director Eric Demeusy has an idea he’d like to show you.


Demeusy has made a short, stunning fan-trailer for a Boba Fett movie he’s calling Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology. In this hypothetical film, Fett escapes the Sarlacc Pit and “finds himself fighting alongside the Rebellion to establish a New Republic.” But honestly, that doesn’t matter.

What matters is the trailer itself, which uses elements of Return of the Jedi but then takes things a step further to show Fett walking the deserts of Tatooine, looking for his ship Slave 1, ready to get back into the fight. Here it is:


Pretty great, no? The costume looks perfectly weathered and that Slave 1 effect is fantastic.

As for the official Boba Fett movie, when that happens, it’s unclear how it’ll work. It could either take place after Return of the Jedi—with Fett escaping the Sarlacc Pit as seen here—or if that did kill him, the movie could take place before that. We’ve actually already seen some new Fett action in the new Star Wars canon and it was before his encounter with the Sarlacc. He fought Luke Skywalker in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Tatooine hut before The Empire Strikes Back and then informed Darth Vader that Skywalker was the one who destroyed the Death Star. News that Vader took a little harder and deeper than Fett probably expected. (Those both happened in the Marvel Star Wars comic book, by the way.)

Considering the crazy amount of stories happening in the Star Wars canon before A New Hope, you’d tend to imagine the eventual Boba Fett movie will follow Demeusy’s lead here and take place pre-Force Awakens. But only that film’s probable writer, Simon Kinberg, really knows for sure.

I love this trailer though. After decades of imagining what may have happened after Fett fell into the Sarlacc, to actually see it—even if it’s not official—is crazy cool.


[Eric Demeusy, H/T Film School Rejects]

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Angrier Geek

Will someone please tell me what is the fasicnation with this lame ass character? He’s onscreen for 30 seconds but somehow would up having an entire movie focused around his family because fans went nuts over him and Lucas being lame gave them a reach around though he also said he had no idea why people liked Fett so much.

I think it’s because he’s such a blank slate fans can superimpose anything they want on him (god knows there’s nothing onscreen), when in reality all he did was follow Han then call the law down on him. He didn’t take him out in some kind of amazing battle. He just snitched and collected the loot.