This Fan Book Trailer For Max Gladstone's Two Serpents Rise Is Wonderful

Max Gladstone’s novel Two Serpents Rise came out in 2013, but Glinda Chen has put together a wonderful animated book trailer for the first installment of his Craft Sequence novels.


We reviewed Gladstone’s third Craft Sequence novel, Full Fathom Five last year, and this trailer perfectly captures his style and vision for the world he’s created. This urban fantasy series exists in a sort of post-industrial world where gods have been killed and where practicing magic isn’t too dissimilar from the legal world.

NPR’s reviewer Amal El-Mohtar described the series as “some of the smartest, most original and sophisticated world-building I’ve read in years, and fun, and fast-paced, and did I mention smart? But most importantly for me, Gladstone’s books are edge-of-your-seat thrillers in which women from all walks of life fight furiously hard battles together, and win.”

Hopefully, Chen will be following up with the other books as well, because this video is just perfect.



I think Three Parts Dead was his debut. Two Serpents Rise was the second book in the series. But agreed this is lovely and Gladstone’s universe is amazing.