This Fan Art of Rick and Morty's Vindicators Is So Good It Hurts to Look At

Image: Stephen Byrne via Twitter
Image: Stephen Byrne via Twitter

Yeah, yeah, Rick Sanchez is great and so is Morty and that joke you just made about McDonald’s Szechuan sauce was incredibly clever, but I need you to be quiet for a second and look at this art of the Vindicators. I mean really look at it. Drink it in. Savor it. Bask in its glory.


We here at io9 feel very confidently that the Vindicators, Rick and Morty’s cosmos-hopping team of dysfunctional superheroes, are more than deserving of their very own series chronicling their own adventures. As if this past week’s episode featuring Supernova, Million Ants, Maximus Renegade Star Soldier, Alan Rails, Crocubot, and Noob-Noob wasn’t already enough to convince you, artist Stephen Byrne’s glorious illustration of the squad, rendered in full the comic book stylized glory that they deserve, sure as hell should. (Even if it omits Noob-Noob.)


Sure, most of the Vindicators are currently dead in Rick and Morty’s prime universe, but that shouldn’t be a reason to count them all out quite yet. The multiverse is an awfully large place that Rick, Morty, and Summer couldn’t possibly hope to patrol and protect (?) all on their own. No, at some point, they’re probably going to need the help of a half-crocodile, half-robot monster thingy and his good buddy, a sentient ant colony.

Trust us, the time will come when the only person who can save all of existence is actually a squirming pile of ants shaped like a man.

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That picture is great. The characters were generic enough to sort of fit the pattern of a standard super team but weird enough to fit in Rick & Morty.

My Love for Rick & Morty aside, this was a painful episode. The theme of everything sucks/good and evil are only constructs is really driven home and it was almost too much to take. Other episodes had tempered Rick’s disdain for humanity hiding of a kernel of genuine love for Morty but this one made no such attempt. This season in general has been pretty damn dark. Don’t get me wrong, it was hilarious. I had a similar problem with It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I may have to take a break from the show to avoid falling into weary cynicism.