This Fan Animation Reimagines a Pivotal Steven Universe Moment With the Pilot's Art Style

Pearl, bein’ sad.
Pearl, bein’ sad.
Image: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe’s art style is characterized by a cute, iconic sense of style. But the original draft, was seen in the unreleased pilot, was a lot different. Not worse, mind you, but a bit less simplified, a bit more odd. We never got to see that Steven Universe. But a new fan animation gives a hint of what it would have been like.

Created by Blanca Martinez, aka animator and Twitter user @EscapeComplex, the short, carefully animated clip takes Pearl’s original design, and uses it to dramatize a pivotal moment from the series. In particular, it’s the tail end of “It’s Over, Isn’t It”, one of the most heart-wrenching and character-defining songs in the series. It’s really stunning work.


If you want more information on that original pilot, it was released on YouTube eventually, and there’s a good breakdown of it on the Steven Universe fan wiki here. While I’m very happy with the show we got, I’m equally thrilled to get such a well-made glimpse of what could have been. 

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I’ve loved this song since day one. It has been years and it still doesn’t fail to wet my eyes every time. Dee Dee Magno Hall sure knows how to hit her high notes and squeeze my feelings out of this dry rock I call a heart. And now, here’s a small piece of a reinterpretation of that in this video... I wonder if the artist would consider doing the whole thing.