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This fake Batman/Superman trailer is so great even Batfleck looks good

Why wait for an actual Batman/Superman movie trailer when you can make one yourself? That's what Soylent Brak 1 did, complete with Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor (and a special guest as Alfred). And it looks awesome.


Seriously, this video does more to convince me that Ben Affleck can pull off Batman than any numbers of Internet screeds. Warner Bros. should probably send this guy a thank-you card for the p.r. help, if not an actual check.

[Via Nerd Bastards]

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That was good, I particularly loved the use of Elysium to simulate Lex's battlesuit, and the shots from State of Play for Bruce Wayne, but I am very against Cranston as Luthor. He's a good actor, but everything I see him in lately he's just Heisenberg. I don't want Heisenberg as Lex. It lacks the charisma, the charm.

And who was Alfred in the trailer? He looks so familiar, but I can't place it.