This Extraordinary Shot Of Jupiter Was Taken From The Earth's Surface

Normally, images as detailed as this infrared shot of Jupiter can only be captured by space-based telescopes or planetary probes. But this picture, taken with a special camera on the Subaru Telescope, was captured from our planet's surface.

Ko Arimatsu of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency used the Infrared Camera and Spectrograph (IRCS) to capture the image. By using adaptive optics (AO) to correct for turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere, Arimatsu was able to capture the details of Jupiter with an extremely high level of precision.


Looking at this infrared image of Jupiter, the Great Red Spot appears pinkish-white. Its large moon, Ganymede, appears in the upper right. But because it was moving relative to Jupiter, the image appears stretched; the shot was compiled from three separate color images.


[ National Astronomical Observatory of Japan ]

Image credit: NAOJ/JAXA/Tohoku University.


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