It says something about the quality of filmmaking when even the test footage for a horror film is eerie. This newly emerged footage from the making of The Exorcist tests Regan's levitation and thrashing effects is quite creepy, even if young Linda Blair looks like she's having a pretty good time.

Bloody Disgusting got its hands on this never-before-seen special effects footage, and they plan to release more Exorcist goodies over the next few days.


BD believes that the fellow with the mustache standing by the bed is in fact William Peter Blatty, author of the original novel, supervising the effects test.

If it wasn't for the clapperboard, the scenes would look like found footage, and Blair's grin seems eerily appropriate. Still, the test looks like great fun. I wouldn't mind and Exorcist experience where you got to float off the bed and get thrown around by your own personal invisible demon.

Watch Unseen FX Test Footage From ‘THE EXORCIST'!! [Bloody Disgusting via Blastr]