The 5th Episode of Haphead Takes You Down the Rabbit Hole

io9 is proud to be bringing you new episodes of indie series Haphead every week. Created by Jim Munroe, Haphead is the story of a VR gamer in a near-future dystopian Toronto. In the fifth episode, Maxine copes with the loss of her rebellious punk dad — and disturbing accusations from the authorities.

If you've been following the series so far, you may get a little teary-eyed during this episode. And you haven't watched yet, now is the time to start! You can watch episodes episodes 1 and 2 here, episode 3 here, and episode 4 here.

Dying to know how it ends? You can also stream the whole series for $5 — details on the Haphead site.



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I like this show a lot, but I wish you could find a way of promoting it that didn't try to tell me how I should react/feel in response to this show.