This eldritch animation will stare straight into your soul

Animator Jake Fried has a knack for getting under your skin. Back in January, we called his captivating one-minute short "The Deep End" sixty of the most unsettling seconds we'd sat through in some time. His latest animation – titled "Raw Data" – confirms the Boston-based artist still has what it takes to hold us in disquiet thrall.


Like "The Deep End," Fried's latest animation was hand-animated frame-by-frame by layering ink, coffee, white-out and gouache atop a single canvas. The scenes metamorphose pretty quickly from frame to frame, so this is definitely the kind of thing that rewards multiple viewings. Just make sure you do it in full screen, HD, with headphones (Fried's choice of music adds another layer to the whole experience), and try not to focus on the fact that the character in the animation appears to be staring back/over/through a computer screen of his very own... which... well... maybe don't watch this before you go to bed.

[Jake Fried]



That was intriguing! I feel like my brain has melted slightly.