The Dune movie is in limbo, and we may never even get to see the tons of gorgeous concept art that people created for it. But here's one hell of a consolation prize: artist Feng Zhu has posted a ton of art he created for a Dune video game that also never happened.

Update: Apparently the first three images here are actually the work of artist Eduardo Pena. Apologies for the mixup.


According to the folks at Giant Freakin Robot, where we found this art, Feng created this artwork for a game called Dune: Ancient Sands, which is apparently on hold.

Check out some more of our favorite pieces of Feng Zhu's concept art below, plus a video where he talks about the design process. There's more at the link. [Feng Zhu Design, via Giant Freakin Robot]

Image by Eduardo Pena.

Image by Eduardo Pena

Image by Feng Zhu

Image by Feng Zhu