We’ve seen oodles and oodles of wonderful mash-ups and parodies of The Force Awakens’ trailers. The thought of yet another is a little tiresome... except this latest Doctor Who is so fantastically done, it’s got me desperately wanting to rewatch the Ninth Doctor’s adventures.


The Tardis Awakens by YouTuber VG934 takes the soundtrack and pacing of the official trailer for The Force Awakens and does a grand job of layering it over footage from the first season of Doctor Who with Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston. The dialogue choices are great, faithful to the tone of the Star Wars trailer and yet perfect for Doctor Who. Even with such different franchises, you can’t help but get a chill down your spine as the Force theme thunders in the background and the Ninth Doctor strides towards the camera, an oncoming storm...

Goddammit, where’s my season one box set.

[The Radio Times]

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