This Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will feature a five-Doctor reunion

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Sorry, there's still no news on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary TV special. But there's another special coming from Big Finish Productions, the company that kindly helped keep Doctor Who fandom alive with its licensed audio adventures. It's a 100-minute audio play titled The Light at the End, which will star Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann as their respective incarnations of the Time Lord. And that's not all — as Big Finish says:

"We wanted to do a proper, fully-fledged multi-Doctor story for this very special occasion," says writer, director and executive producer Nicholas Briggs, "and it's wonderful that all the surviving Doctors threw themselves behind the project so enthusiastically. That's not to say the first three Doctors don't appear – we wanted to pay homage to the whole history of the classic series."

The Doctors will also be joined by a number of their regular companions: Louise Jameson reprises the role of the savage Leela, Sarah Sutton plays the scientist Nyssa, Nicola Bryant is American botany student Peri, Sophie Aldred is streetwise kid Ace and India Fisher returns as Edwardian adventurer Charley Pollard.

"And that's not all," says producer David Richardson, "because Geoffrey Beevers is back to create mayhem as the Master, and there will be a number of appearances from some much-cherished old friends from the TV series…"

Sounds like the first three Doctors might show up via sound clips from the classic episodes, along with some other folks (Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, anyone?), which is super-cool — even if all 11 Doctors can't make it in whatever TV special showrunner Steven Moffat cooks up, at least we'll have this. It's due out in November in either 2-disc or 5-disc versions, which you can pre-order here and here.

Thanks to Ben W. for the tip!

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Paul McGann's Doctor needs more airtime considering it might have been his Doctor who fought the Time War w/ the Daleks that blew the hell out of Rassilon and killed all Time Lords (supposedly).