This disorienting room has "gravitational mystery spots" that will literally make you sick

The art installation seen here is named, menacingly but appropriately, Demon Hill #2. It is the work of LA-based artist Julian Hoeber, and to step inside it is to abandon sensations of balance, proprioception, and general physical stability — all thanks to some fiendish architectural trickery.

According to the exhibit website:

DH#2, a free-standing structure based on the architecture of "gravitational mystery spots", a kind of American roadside attraction. Mystery spots usually lay claim to being sites of supernatural power or geological anomaly to explain a severe effect of disorientation and vertigo for the visitor, when in truth these effects are the result of an architectural trick.


What's cool about Hoeber's piece is that it mirrors the qualities of the best kind of magic trick, revealing "the device behind the hoax, while never diminishing the effect." The room, you see, is off-kilter — slightly askew and positioned at a low-grade incline. The big, uniform geometric shapes on the structure's insides serve to further bewilder the installation's occupant. But unlike other "gravitational mystery" attractions, this is all readily apparent to the viewer.

Read more at Harris Lieberman, where the installation was on display earlier this month.


[Julian Hoeber + Harris Lieberman via The Fox is Black]

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