This Designer's Sci-Fi Concept Sketches Are Right Out of the Golden Age

Illustration: Lucas Green.
Illustration: Lucas Green.

Massive spacestations, chittering robots, and majestic spires stretching into the stars. All year, this artist has been posting concept art to his Instagram, and it’s out of this world.

Lucas Green is an artist based in Vancouver, doing animation and graphic design, mostly for film and TV. Since the beginning of the year, he’s been stretching his muscles with a pretty normal practice in the social media art world—a daily sketch. But while the practice isn’t that uncommon, the results are impressive.

“I made a new years resolution to draw and publish a new sketch to Instagram every day in 2017,” Green said in an email to io9. “Now heading into October and still (surprisingly!) going strong, my daily sketches lead toward science fiction concept drawings—spaceships, alien landscapes, characters, etc.”


His designs have a classic feel to them, a lot of them evoking Star Wars in a sparse, sketchy majesty. I’m particularly fond of his sci-fi architecture, the space stations and starbound installations he imagines for our alien futures.

Green was kind enough to offer us permission to feature some of his work here on io9. You can check out a few of my favorites below, and I’d highly recommend scrolling through his feed to see the rest.


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