This Delightful Avengers: Infinity War Clip Shows Shuri Effortlessly Roasting Bruce Banner

Shuri rocking the Leia-buns in Avengers: Infinity War.
Shuri rocking the Leia-buns in Avengers: Infinity War.
Image: Marvel Studios

Shuri wins. Flawless victory.

Letitia Wright was a guest on Good Morning America today, and as part of an interview that also included some very adorable Shuri and Black Panther cosplayers, she brought a brief Avengers: Infinity War clip that follows up on pretty much the one shot of Shuri we’ve actually seen in the trailers.


If you’re desperately trying to avoid every little thing from the movie with just nine days to go, this is your chance to flee. Everyone else, skip to 4:18 in the video to below to see the clip:

Don’t have much use for those seven PhDs when you’re in the same room as Wakanda’s smartest teenager, do you Bruce? But seriously, the look on Vision’s face when Shuri torches Tony and Bruce for the hatchet job that created him in the first place is priceless. Please, let a good chunk of Infinity War’s runtime be dedicated to Shuri wondering how any of these supposed geniuses got anything done without her insight. Sure, everyone else wants to see superheroes punching Thanos, but I want that!

Avengers: Infinity War arrives April 27.

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Look, I like the character, I like what they’re doing with her, but I fucking HATE technobabble. Technobabble undermines a character’s intelligence. People who want to SOUND smart like to use big words to explain simple things; people who are ACTUALLY smart can use simple terms to explain complex problems.

I feel like if Hollywood had a technobabble jar where every time someone wrote a bad line they had to drop $5, we’d probably have enough to hire science consultants for every studio to tamp down on that shit.