This Deceptively Cute Animation Illustrates The Horrors Of Addiction

At first, this animated short seems rather pleasant: A kiwi encounters a golden nugget, and upon consuming it, feels a glorious sense of bliss. But as the bird continues to chase that first high, things quickly turn dark.

Nuggets is by German animator Andreas Hykade, who teaches animation at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Animation and at Harvard University. It's one of those wonderful examples of simple characters and design evoking something powerful. (Update: Of course, as commenter Ye Olde Human appropriately notes, this is meant to be a simple, metaphorical representation of one aspect of addition, not its totality.)

[via Dangerous Minds]

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Brings back a lot of thoughts and feelings surrounding my quitting smoking....last cigarette was March 5, at 520 PM. After a little over 20 years, I quit cold turkey. While I do NOT mean to say that quitting tobacco was as rough as detoxing from a serious addiction to narcotics or alcohol, that sense of euphoria shown by our little kiwi in the beginning was what I started to think about as I was trying to break and reform those habits. The detox wasn't that horrific, but my mind's willingness to try and trick me into being jealous of those who were still smoking was a bit scary. As it is, as I type this, I still miss it. I guess it's the ability to let go for a few minutes; to give up control for a little while and let some other mental/emotional/cognitive function take over for a bit is what I miss. I gave up a crutch that I've used my entire adult life, and I still don't have anything to replace it (I have gained about 15 pounds, though, so....yay?). But I sure as hell am not going back to cigarettes, or anything related to them.