This Death Scene Scared the Crap Out of Me Forever

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You know how sometimes a death scene in a movie sticks with you and scares you so much that YOU CAN'T GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD? It's time to talk about that. What death scene in a science fiction or fantasy movie was impossible to unsee, as much as you wish you could?

For me, the scene has to be the gangster Seth's death in Looper. He's trying to escape from his obligations to the gang lords, but they kidnap his past self and start torturing him. As these past tortures catch up to him in the future, he gets a little message from them, carved into his arm (see above). Then parts of his body start disappearing — his fingers, his nose, his legs and arms. Here's the scene:

What's even creepier is knowing that they are doing all this torture to his past self, without killing him, which means that maybe there's some timeline where they had to keep him alive and mutilated for years in order for these wounds to affect him in the future. Argh! I am getting creeped out again just thinking about it. Get out of my mind, Looper!


Tell us which scenes did this to you — include pictures, clips and links, so you can scar us forever.

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George Dvorsky

The scene in Superman 3 when the supercomputer converts Vera into a weaponized cyborg against her will. It's a scene that disturbs me to this very day — shades of a Singularity gone terribly, terribly wrong.