This Deadpool Concept Art Will Make You Love Negasonic Teenage Warhead Even More

Negasonic Teenage Warhead was put in Deadpool basically by virtue of a) being a character that wasn’t vital to the X-Men movies and b) having a really cool name. So it’s no surprise that she could have looked like pretty much anything.

Concept artist Joshua James Shaw posted a bunch of work from Deadpool, showing off the title character’s suit and the many, many possible looks for NRT. Unsurprisingly, Deadpool’s outfit looked basically the same from conception to execution:

All concept art: Joshua James

Negasonic, on the other hand, was given a bunch of options.

Honestly, given how stereotypically “sexy goth” a lot of these designs are, it’s a good thing that they went with a more “First Class” sort of X-Men design for her in the end.


[Joshua James Shaw via Comic Book Resources]

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