This Deadpool Billboard Is the Best Use of An Emoji We've Ever Seen

Illustration for article titled This iDeadpool/i Billboard Is the Best Use of An Emoji Weve Ever Seen

When it comes to film marketing, we’re used to seeing the same footage and images recycled in posters, trailers, commercials and more. But Fox is doing something different with Deadpool and really playing with people. In fact their latest billboard is one of the best ever.


Comedian Patton Oswalt saw the above billboard in the streets of Los Angeles, tweeted it and it’s since gone viral. For good reason. It’s simple, but genius.


“Dead. Poo. L.” In case you didn’t get it.

And as great this emoji billboard is, it’s just the latest in the hilarious campaign. Did you see this other billboard/banner?

Looks like a romantic comedy, not the violent superhero movie it is. In fact, the film was just given its official rating: an R for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.”


It opens February 12.

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Not gonna lie, I read that as Skull Shit L and was so confused. Blame my potty mouth, I guess.