The original film was great, but there’s really only one reason any of us will be going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel: Baby Groot. The film unfortunately doesn’t hit theaters until May of next year, but in the meantime Thinkgeek’s got something to tide you over with this dancing baby Groot car charger.

Illustration for article titled This Dancing Baby Groot Car Charger Is Too Adorable to Use While Driving

Baby Groot’s tiny pot is designed to sit in one of your vehicle’s cup holders, while it draws power from the car’s 12-volt DC outlet. Not only does Baby Groot adorably dance and shimmy while he’s plugged in, there are also two 2.1-amp USB ports on his pot letting you charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time.

The only problem with a device like this is that a tiny dancing version of baby Groot is so impossibly cute it will be impossible to take your eyes off him and pay attention to the road.

So consider yourself duly warned, but if you’re confident in both your vehicle’s air bags and your insurance coverage, you can make Baby Groot your co-pilot for $40, and never have to worry about him commenting on your driving.


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