This Custom Lego Version of Echo Base Is Ready for the Empire's Siege

Echo Base.
Echo Base.
Image: Screenshot via YouTube

The sheer ambition of Lego creators never ceases to amaze me. Far from being satisfied with what Lego’s sets provide, these sculptors create incredible things. Like this version of Echo Base from The Empire Strikes Back, which is ready for battle.

Hopefully, this version will have a better fight than the one in the film, however. Clocking in at over 16,000 pieces, this Echo Base, created by YouTuber The Lego Room, is a custom build featuring the base’s hangar, medical chamber, and pretty much every other part you see in the films. It even has a fully motorized gate to keep the snow and the Empire out. Capping it off is an elaborate build of the Millenium Falcon, taking up a lot of hangar space.

In case you’re wondering how much work goes into something like this, the creator explains, in the video description, that it took “about a year.” And other videos on his channel attest to that, showing in closer detail how it was made and how much effort went into its design. If Lucasfilm ever puts out a Lego Star Wars movie, they should hire this guy.


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Is this that impressive anymore, given that you can buy most Star Wars “parts” pre-formed? If this was “the old days” where parts were generic then putting together a recreation took a lot of skill - these days aren’t all the bits specific to a particular model?