Illustration for article titled This Cross-Section of the Universe Magnifies the Night Sky by a Billion

This cross-section of the universe, snapped by the Hubble, takes us about halfway to the universe's observable end — showing us things that you could only see with your eyes if your eyesight's power was magnified by a billion.


Part of this incredibly far view is due to the one of nature's most delightful phenomenon, gravitational lensing, a process by which light and gravity interact to form a kind of natural zoom lens in space. (You can read more about the process here.) But, beyond the gravitational lensing effect, the view also owes its origin to the 14-hour long exposure used to capture it.

If just looking it from a picture isn't quite enough for you though, Hubble has also put together this video that combines the shots with a grounds-eye-view of the night sky, letting you zoom in one of the furthest galaxies, which you can check out right here.


Images: NASA/ ESA

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