It's called the "Horror Labs" and it's easy to see why. L'école de médecine vétérinaire, a former veterinary school in Brussels, Belgium, still houses its teaching tools. Jars stuffed with organs and animal bodies line the walls, setting off the building's more mundane decay.

Martino Zegwaard posted these gruesome photos of the abandoned school, which once consisted of 19 buildings across Anderlecht in Brussels. After the school was moved to Liège, most of the buildings were converted to loft apartments, but the main building is still filled with pickled animal parts, and has become an understandably popular destination for urban explorers.


You can see many more of Zegwaard's photos, both from this year and a 2008 visit, on Flickr, and read more about the school (and get even more organs in even more jars) at Environmental Graffiti.

[via reddit]

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