This Creator Gave Pennywise His Own Anime Scene And It's Terrifying As All Get Out

Image: Twitter, created by Kevin Duran
Image: Twitter, created by Kevin Duran

A while ago, artist Mike Anderson shared a couple cartoon-style pictures of Pennywise from the new adaptation of It. They were creepy. Now, vocalist and graphic designer Kevin Duran has taken it a step further. And it’s a lot more than creepy.


The clip he creates is only 13 seconds long, and only adds some basic motion and vocals to Anderson’s drawing, but damn are they effective touches. Anderson’s voice acting is harrowing, and sounds like it came right out of a real anime. The music he chose heightens the mood, too, making it feel like some horrible reveal is going to happen just out of sight.

You should check it out below. I’ve appended Anderson’s original art, too. Meanwhile, I’m going to try to forget about this before I have to go to sleep tonight.


And the original:

[Twitter, via The Daily Dot]

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This pennywise worship is just like the stranger things hype train you ran into the fucking ground. Go one week without an IT post, I dare you.