Computer Game Myst To Become A TV Series

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Myst, the computer game just about everyone in the '90s played, is going to be a TV series, despite it being a tangled and very complicated mystery. If done well this could be really, really good. Like Lost good. If done poorly, well...


Deadline just dropped the nostalgic news that Legendary TV and Cyan Worlds are working together to develop a Myst-inspired television show. The computer game followed "the Stranger," who uses a magical book to travel through the mist, across the island also titled Myst. Once on the island, the player must solve a collection of puzzles and riddles that help unlock different portions of the Myst world, thus revealing the secret backstory to new characters and the island itself.

And of course the TV series will also be released with a brand new version "transmedia" product that people can play at home, while watching the series on their computers or tablets. So far this sort of immersive TV watching experience has not really taken off just yet; Syfy's Defiance was also supposed to bridge the videogame to television series gap, but as of right now they still seem pretty separate.

This probably also means that the Myst movie is done for now. Oh well.


Ravenous Sophovore

This could work if not done as a retelling of the games, but rather a reimagining of the premise. The basic idea, that some people can link to and change worlds just by writing about them and how people use that power, is one that's got a lot of potential. And there's certainly a lot of rich backstory to work with.