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This Could Be the Greatest Advance in Water Balloon Technology Ever

Illustration for article titled This Could Be the Greatest Advance in Water Balloon Technology Ever

Shut up about your high tech super soakers, because Bunch O Balloons is about to take water fights to the next level. Just look at it! You can fill like a zillion balloons all at once, and then DRIVE YOUR ENEMIES BEFORE YOU.


If you've ever had to reload your balloon ammo supplies in the middle of a water fight, you know how annoying it can be. Fill the balloon from the spigot, rip the crap out of your finger as you tie it off, hope you don't break the damn thing in the process...backyard water warfare shouldn't be this brutal. And now it doesn't have to be anymore!

Over at Ars Technica, Olivia Solon brings the good news:

The way it works is that the uninflated balloons have been pulled over 37 straws. Around the neck of each balloon is a tiny, tight rubber band securing the balloon onto the straw. The straws feed into a single head that can be attached to a hose for filling. This allows for all of the balloons to simultaneously fill with water. You can then stop the hose and shake the balloons gently to release them into your arsenal...The balloons themselves are made from natural rubber and have an additive that accelerates the biodegradation process in the presence of natural sunlight.


Find out more on the Tinnus website (Tinnus manufactures Bunch O Balloons).

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I prefer the Crazy Russian method...