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Get a colorful look at Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman’s Batsuit, and a clearer picture of X-Men Apocalypse’s Jean Grey and Jubilee. Michel Fassbender has an update on the Assassin’s Creed movie. Plus casting news for Fear the Walking Dead, and what’s to come on Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers Assemble!

Top image: Batman v. Superman.

Suicide Squad

A few set pictures from filming reveal Will Smith’s Floyd Lawton, as well as potentially how he appears as the villain Deadshot. It was unconfirmed if this suited character was actually Deadshot, or another mercenary who isn’t Lawton, so take that part with a pinch of salt. [via CBR]


UPDATE: It has been since confirmed that the armoured figure is a costumed member of the public that was later escorted from the set.


Batman v. Superman

Here’s a purported clean version of the teaser poster released recently. It’s not been verified if it’s real or not, but it seems likely, as a color version of the picture was then posted on Facebook by (and removed shortly thereafter). [via CBR]


Assassin’s Creed

Michael Fassbender offers an update on the filming schedule for the movie:

“You say it’s a long time but what I’ve found–it’s all new to me but starting to develop scripts and work on them, they take time,” he countered to our mention of the delays in getting the movie made. “It just takes time to get a good story together and we really want to do it right. It’s exciting. It’s going to start this year, we’ll be filming in September.”


[Coming Soon]

Ouija 2

Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard will write the script for the film, which will release on October 21, 2016. [Deadline]


X-Men Apocalypse

Bryan Singer posted a new picture of Sophie Turner and Lana Condor as Jean Grey and Jubilee to his instagram. [/Film]


Jurassic World

Yahoo has an exclusive featurette where the cast talk about being part of the Jurassic Park franchise.


Fantastic Four

Here’s a new poster of the cast. Head to the link to see some individual character posters. [/Film]


Power Rangers/Gods of Egypt

The movies have had their release dates pushed back. Power Rangers has been moved to January 13th, 2017, and Gods of Egypt will release on April 8th, 2016. [Coming Soon]



Paul Giamatti and Toby Jones have joined the cast. THR reports that Giamatti plays a “psychologist who has trouble relating to people”, while Jones is “the chief scientist in charge of the facility”.


Ghost In The Shell

Disney have brought the movie’s release date forward, to March 21st, 2017. [First Showing]



Two new videos delve into the characters of Casey and Athena. [Coming Soon]

Terminator Genisys

Here’s a new poster, featuring John Connor as a new Terminator. [Yahoo]


Heroes Reborn

Francesca Eastwood and Pruitt Taylor Vince have joined the cast in undisclosed roles. [Deadline]


Doctor Who

The BBC have confirmed that the next season will include 12 episodes plus a Christmas Special. [Blogtor Who]


Fear The Walking Dead

Elizabeth Rodriguez has joined the cast in an unknown role. Entertainment Weekly notes that given that the pilot has already completed filming, Rodriguez’s character will join the cast after the events of the first episode.


American Horror Story: Hotel

Angela Bassett will return to the show. [TV Guide]

Agents Of SHIELD

Another week, another Entertainment Weekly interview and poster. Here’s Jeff Bell on how “Scars” will lead into the end of the season:

So is it safe to say we’re building toward Skye making a very conflicted decision about her life as an Inhuman or a S.H.I.E.L.D agent?

It sure feels like it, doesn’t it? It feels like her two worlds are really coming together, and usually that doesn’t bode well for one of them. [laughs]

Well, that’s ominous!

Well, we’re really building towards the last episodes of the season, and I think we’re really building momentum. Episode 19 ended with Coulson saying “take me to your leader” and went straight into putting the team back together at end of 20. So now we’ve kind of got S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.0 together. I don’t want to overstate that, but we’ve got Hydra coming together, we’ve got the Inhumans coming together, and hopefully it gets tied up in a big explosive finale.


The Vampire Diaries

Kat Graham discusses the impending season finale:

“I don’t know if it’s a sad thing. Change for a lot of us, for anyone, is very difficult, but I wouldn’t say the episode is going to leave you sad,” Kat Graham tells “I think, I’m hoping, people will be excited for what’s next and our journey as a family together. I’m actually happy [because] I think there is some risk-taking in the finale. Even if one chapter closes, sometimes people don’t really deal with things and they don’t end things how they need to, and I’m excited for the fans to see that.”


[TV Guide]


Here’s some promotional pictures for “This is your Sword”. Go to the link to see more. [Spoiler TV]


Game Of Thrones

And here’s some for “Sons of the Harpy” — more at the link. [Spoiler TV]



And finally, a gallery of pictures for “Dead Air”. Click through to see more. [Spoiler TV]


Additional reporting by Diana Biller and Charlie Jane Anders.


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