In 1975, Alex Mitchell of England was laughing maniacally while watching the "Kung-Fu Kapers" episode of the UK comedy program The Goodies. After 25 solid minutes of guffawing, Mitchell let out one last chortle and died of a massive coronary.

Mitchell, a 50-year-old bricklayer from King's Lynn in Norfolk county, was particularly tickled by this martial arts demonstration, in which a Scotsman (who practices the art of "Hoots-Toot-ochaye") battles a black pudding sausage. Mitchell's widow watched her husband die and wrote a letter thanking The Goodies for sending her husband off with a smile on his face.

NOTE: The sketch contains blackface, so there's a good chance you'll die of groans instead of laughter.


UPDATE 6/13: Also, due to some messages I've received, I just want to make it clear that we aren't condoning this humor. The thing you should take away from this post is THIS WAS A TV SHOW THAT KILLED SOMEONE. LIKE THE RING OR HALLOWEEN 3. I'm not sure about your experience, but on this site, that's something you don't see everyday.

[via Snopes]

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