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This Coffee Table Book Recounts The Whole History of Star Wars Via New York Times Coverage

Image: NYT Store
Image: NYT Store

Star Wars, a story about the history of a fictional galaxy far, far away, made lots of history in this one, and the New York Times is selling a nice compendium of it all.


In A Galaxy Far, Far Away, as noted by our friends at The Verge, is a coffee table book being sold by the New York Times collecting “all the important Times articles about the films and their legacy, including reviews, news articles, graphics, photos, obituaries and behind-the-scenes exclusives.”

If you’re a collector looking to add some real-world context to your Star Wars collection, you could do a lot worse. The book retails for $70, and begins right in 1973, with the first NYT feature on Lucas’s work in Star Wars, back when he was mostly known for American Graffiti.


To grab the collection, you can go to the New York Times store here.

[The Verge]

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I remember in the Summer of 76, after a year of Jaws being THE blockbuster, the Sunday film section of the Times had an article like”What are the NEXT blockbusters coming up?” , and its headline was over a dark picture of a tall hairy thing being escorted down a corridor by these white figures. And I said to myself, “OK, NOW its ON!” I was telling everybody from then on that 77 was gonna be the year science fiction took off.I bought the novel version that Christmas,and was waiting for things to change....

And they did..