Of all the movies you could possibly choose to reboot, why pick Ed Wood cult fave Plan 9 From Outer Space? When you see this clip from the upcoming remake, you'll see why.


The reason is that low-budget cheesy movies are pretty much for the ages. They're like fairy tales — designed to be told and retold. I love that this production, filmed in southern Virginia, has a goofy, B-movie feel but perfectly updated for the 2010s. Writer/director John Johnson said in a release about this clip:

I wanted to release this scene to kinda give a better feel of what the movie holds. We showed plenty of zombie mayhem in the teaser trailer and I thought the sneak peek would be focused more on the characters within. We have an extremely talented cast and it’s fun to show them off!


Plan 9 will be available on demand and DVD/Blu-ray in late August. Find out more on the official website.

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