This Christmas-Themed Horror Anthology Is an Advent Calendar From Hell

The Deathcember logo.
The Deathcember logo.
Image: Epic Pictures
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Deathcember is coming. It’s going to be schlocky, and wild, and I’m so excited for it.


As reported by Deadline, Deathcember, a holiday-themed horror anthology, has been acquired by Epic Pictures, who have released a teaser for the film. The anthology features 24 shorts, one for each day of December up through Christmas Eve, in classic Advent Calendar style. Only instead of, like, disappointing chocolates, you get screams, and blood, and murderous Santas.

The anthology was created by Dominic Saxl, who produced the project alongside Ivo Scheloske and Frank Vogt. According to Deadline, it will represent genres across the horror spectrum, from slasher to Japanese ghost story to Italian Giallo mayhem.

Epic Pictures has released a brief teaser for the anthology, which will feature directorial horror talent such as Pollyana McIntosh (Darlin’), Isaaz Ezban (Parallel), Lucky McKee (May, The Woman) and a lot of others. It looks nasty, and I’m on board. Expect it this holiday, presumably.

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“24 DEATHS”? That’s only one death per story. I hope that’s an oversight.