This Chilean observatory hotel is designed specifically for stargazing

Nestled in Chile's Elqui Valley, Elqui Domos is perfectly situated for a spectacular view of the night sky. To cater to astronomers looking to revel in the region's starry vistas, the hotel hosts its very own observatory, as well as rooms with windows pointed skyward.

The above video was made by photographer James Florio, who spent six months taking more than 23,000 photos to make this series of time-lapse segments. In addition to more mundane hotel amenities like wifi and a pool, Elqui Domos features seven geodesic dome rooms with detachable roofs, four skylit cabins, and its very own observatory hosting Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope (plus plenty of telescopes for guests). You can also enjoy your space porn in the outdoors on nighttime horse rides.

Incidentally, Elqui Valley is also known for its vineyards, so you can enjoy the terrain (not to mention the terroir) and the skies at the same time.


Elqui Domos [via TreeHugger]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Can I talk the wife into it?


-No light pollution

-Reversed seasons, good winter vacation spot

-Plenty of telescopes

-Wine country

-Rarely seen (by us) southern sky


-Sleep in a tent

-We have seen Alive

-Mountains don't allow you to see things near the horizon

-Seemed like a lot of wind. Ever try using a decent telescope in the wind?

Upsides win. I bet she'd go.