Where is your salary worth the most and where is it worth the least? This interactive chart has the answer.

Salaries tend to be a little higher in areas where the cost of living is also higher, but that doesn't always mean that you have more purchasing power there. The chart — which is the work of Planet Money's Quoctrung Bui, who used a recently released dataset from the US Department of Commerce to put it together — shows the median salaries in cities around the country, along with just how much money that translates to when adjusted for cost-of-living.


So where is the biggest discrepancy between the salary you bring home and what you can actually buy? It's in Washington, DC, where the median salary of $44,452 translates into $35,029. The biggest jump in purchasing power is in Danville, Illinois, where — although the median salary of $30,079 is over $14,000 less than DC's — it is actually worth approximately the same adjusted amount: $35,937.

You can compare some of the major metropolitan areas in terms of their salaries (both in real dollars and in terms of purchasing power) in the chart here. Or you can check out the stats for your own city over at NPR.


Chart: Quoctrung Bui / Planet Money. Top Image: alphaspirit / Shutterstock