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Take a breathtaking bird's-eye tour of Greenland and the Arctic

We can't get enough of this aerial arctic footage, captured by pilots of IceBridge, the NASA mission charged with surveying the changing state of ice at both of Earth's poles.


This vistas in this video are effectively a highlight reel of the most stunning footage recorded from the forward and nadir cameras aboard NASA's -3B aircraft, and were captured over the course of 46 days. It's remarkable to watch – especially in high definition. Give this one a go. You won't regret it.


h/t Universe Today

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This caused me to question if we've done any archeological digging in areas where the ice has melted.

I'd like to see evidence of ancient fauna, animals, fish, dinosaurs and maybe even humans.

There have been speculations made that suggest antarctic civilizations existed prior to the Biblical deluge. I would love to see proof, but I've always shelved these theories in between aliens and bigfoot.