This cat uses sign language to ask for more noms

I'm not sure if this man has his cat well trained or this cat has its man well trained. Either way, this has learned an impressive trick: how to sign for its supper.


Granted, it's a pretty simple sign, a clever trick the cat has mastered. But it's only a matter of time before the cat is telling its master to pick up some caviar and buttermilk. All it needs are fingers.

[via reddit via The Daily What]

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My indoor cats (I have four) can communicate almost any need via gestures, actions, or body language. They can even express frustration and boredom, quite advanced concepts for an animal.

The outdoor cats, having only interacted with us via the backdoor at feeding times, have learned to signify if they need food or water by pushing the bowl to the door and rolling it around to make noise.

Cats are REALLY smart. One of my indoor cats, Raven, has learned to operate a doorknob via observation of us. Never discount the intelligence of animals.

Also: Dogs scare the hell out of me for no apparent reason. That happen to anyone else?