This Call Of Duty Teaser Is The Power Suit Rampage Every Friday Needs

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Taylor Kitsch — John Carter of Mars himself — is the greatest sidekick/mentor ever, in this teaser for the new game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. This is basically two minutes of power-suit mayhem, with Kitsch saying the weirdest quips ever.

This teaser is directed by Peter Berg, who also directed Kitsch in Battleship and Lone Survivor — and if Battleship had been this much fun, maybe we'd remember something about it besides Rihanna with a giant gun. This is also an interesting proof-of-concept for the notion that FPS video games could translate directly to live-action movies. Although I suspect two hours of this might get a big much, and we all remember when Doom tried it.


Mostly, though, this is the power-armor mayhem that you need to kick off your weekend, after a long week at work.

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