King Kong has long been a staple of Universal Studios theme parks. From Kongfrontation to his appearances on the Studio Tour tram ride, the Eighth Wonder of the World has always terrorized park attendees. But now, things are getting much, much bigger.

This summer, Universal Studios Orlando will open a massive, King Kong-themed ride called called Skull Island: Reign of Kong and some new materials from it have been revealed. You see one new piece of concept art for the ride above, but here are a few more—followed by a brand new video explaining the story of Skull Island.


I was at Universal Studios Orlando last summer, and it’s almost hard to describe how imposing this ride is going to be from the outside. The art can barely do justice to the huge, rock structure that’s been erected in the park. Hopefully what’s inside will live up to that. Get official info on the ride here.

[Universal Orlando, H/T /Film]

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