This Behind-the-Scenes Preview Highlights Star Trek: Discovery's Increasingly Cinematic Mood

The Discovery docking with a much larger ship.
Image: CBS

Looking good there, Star Trek: Discovery. You been working out? Buy a new wardrobe?

Not long after dropping a new trailer, CBS has released a fun little behind-the-scenes featurette for the second season of Discovery, highlighting the more grandiose look and feel of the upcoming episodes.

In it, creator Alex Kurtzman talks about a deliberate shift in visual style, in an attempt to make the show more film-like, an extension of the universe that feels more in keeping with the big-screen recent history of the series. There’s also good discussion of the role of Pike in the early part of the season, and the drive to, at least a little bit, provide a coherent history of this part of the Trek continuity, weaving the new ideas of Discovery into the untold parts of the early series history.


There’s also some new footage here and there, and all told it looks sharp. How well will Discovery grow in its second season? We’ll find out January 2019.

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