Emma Watson as Belle, interpreted by artist Craig Drake for an upcoming art show. All Images: Cyclops Print Works

Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast opens March 17 and to celebrate they’re having a full-fledged gallery art show complete with original works, prints, and more. It’s called Be Our Guest: An Art Tribute to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and, as you can see below, the pieces are utterly gorgeous.

It opens March 11 at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, Calif. Full details here. If you aren’t going to be in Southern California Saturday night, don’t worry. We’ve got a bunch of pieces from the show, which features over 40 new pieces in all different mediums, all celebrating the new version of the film.


First up, this is by one of my favorite artists, Craig Drake:

That’s a 23 color 20 x 30-inch screenprint in an edition of 200 that will be available for preorder at the show and go on sale to the public at noon PST on March 17 at this link.


The other pieces below are all originals, though there are a few other prints in the show.

Here’s “Something There” by Heather Theurer.


This is “And Love is Born(愛の芽生え)“ by Eri Kamijo

Here’s “Enchanted” by Janice Chu:


“The Enchanted Love” by Joey Chou:

“Wolves in the Winter” by Sara Kipin:


“Belle” by Alina Chau:

“Her Journey” by Milsae Kimand:


“The Greatest Act of Love” by Jisoo Kim:

And again, these are just a few of the pieces that will be displayed at the show. The full artist list is as follows:

Abigail L. Dela Cruz, Alex Ross, Alexander Lee, Alina Chau, Alison Strom, Amei Zhao, Andrea Fernandez, Annie Stegg, Benson Shum, Carrie Liao, Cécile Carre, Celine Kim, Corinne Reid, Craig Drake, Eliza Ivanova, Ellen Surrey, Eri Kamijo, Grace Kum, Ha Gyung Lee, Heather Theurer, Jackie Huang, Janice Chu, Jisoo Kim, Joe Dunn, Joey Chou, Jon Lau, Julieta Colás, Justin Gerard, Katie Huon, Keiko Murayama, Kristy Kay, Megan Woods, Milsae Kim, Pernille Ørum, Phillip Light, Sara Kipin, Sophie Li, Tara Nicole Whitaker, Tiffany Le, Trevor Spencer, Trungles, William Robinson, Xinwei Huang, Zoe Persico


For more information on the show, how to attend the opening, or to buy pieces that don’t sell at the opening, visit the Nucleus event page here.