Disney Animation has been on a roll recently and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Their next film, Zootopia, hits theaters March 4 and it features a world just like ours, except it’s totally populated by animals.

But animals are all so different. Different sizes, different climates, different diets. How the heck could they all co-exist in a single place? Well, they’d need different modes of transportation, different neighborhoods, and big wall in between to keep the climates correct in each one.


Below, you can see some concept art from these different neighborhoods in Zootopia, which explain how all these animals can co-exist in one city.

Here’s a Zootopia crosswalk. Notice everyone is walking on two legs. That challenge of making the animals bipeds was a big one for the filmmakers.

This is Rainforest District, where all the warm, moist climate animals live.

Here’s Sahara Square, the desert themed land. Think Abu Dhabi, complete with a massive, high-end hotel in the middle.

Tundra Town speaks for itself. Snow, ice, and in the back you get a glimpse of the massive air conditioning wall which climatizes each land in Zootopia.

See the fox here? That’s Nick, one of the main characters. He’s a fox running through Rodentia, where all the rodents live. Notice the scale of a fox versus all the cars and buildings. It’s all miniature.

Mice and elephants, living together, mass hysteria!!! Here you see how mice cross the street in Zootopia, so as not to get crushed by bigger animals.

Zootopia opens March 4, check back next week for much more on the film.

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