Yes, Play Arts Kai’s “Rogues Gallery” figure series—which mashes up Batman with one of his own villains into one OTT action figure—is back, and the latest toy turns Mr. Freeze into a frosty take on the Dark Knight. Clocking in at just under 10 inches tall, the figure comes with the usual extra hands for posing, a frost-covered Batarang that wouldn’t look out of place in the armory of Steampunk Batman, and, of course, a freeze-gun. I mean, he’d be a poor Mr. Freeze without one, right?


The design itself actually looks really cool (sorry not sorry), with the dusting of frost all over Batman’s armor punctuated by the vivid purple accoutrements, and contrasted by the deep red eyes on the cowl. The cape itself, all shredded and frozen into extravagant shapes, looks as great as it does wildly impractical.

Seriously though, we’ve had Two-Face, Joker, and now Mr. Freeze, and they’ve all got gnarly capes. Do Batman’s villains just really hate capes? Is the reason they hate Batman so much the fact he’s got a fancy black cape? While you ponder that question, the Mr.Freeze/Batman hybrid figure will be released in April 2017 in Japan, so start saving up your cash—it’ll set you back just over a rather hefty $170 if you want one.


[Toyark via CBR]

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