This Badass ExoSuit From Edge Of Tomorrow Is Constructed From Junk

This. is. awesome. By day, Peter Kokis is in charge of security for a major company. In his off time, however, he’s a sculptor and cosplayer who has constructed some amazing costumes. His latest, the ExoSuit from Edge of Tomorrow, is constructed from random household items.

We really loved Edge of Tomorrow, and it’s one of those underrated flicks that has a lot of staying power. Kokis loved it from the moment he “saw the trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ online six months before the film came out – had no idea – flipped when I saw the Exo Suits, watched it thirty times, then started buying parts the next morning. ”

“My robot-building adventures started a few years ago with a joke to a girlfriend, then just started snowballing from there. I thank the visual complexity of Michael Bay’s Transformers robots for getting me focused. I dig the much-maligned ‘Bayformers’, flames and all. My use of everyday household objects was just a convenience at first, then became the artistic basis – and challenge – for everything I build.


What’s more amazing about this build? He’s constructed it out of common household items that he’s found all over the place: “Stuff from household, hardware, pet shop, drugstore, sporting goods & discount stores. Stuff from your kitchen and bathroom, your closets & junk drawer. Stuff we use every day but never pay attention to. I use a lot of toilet-related stuff, as it looks mechanical.”

The end result? a 145 lbs exo skeleton that looks amazing. Check it out:


Up next for Kokis? He’s working on a ‘New York Optimus Prime’, “based on the last film, and he’ll be super-complex. Also, a dog companion for my ‘Brooklyn Terminator’.”

My robots will be having some fun with the 2016 presidential election, so look out for that. I’m planning some striking, sensual imagery with my ‘Brooklyn Alien’ that has me really excited. I hope that ‘Pacific Rim 2’ gets made soon, ‘cause I’m a Jaeger-nut. Obviously, more Transformers are on the way. Who knows, maybe a robotic Ninja Turtle?


You can see a whole bunch of additional photos over on his website.

Image credit: Alan Camuto


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