This Back to the Future Poster Is Heavy on the References, Just How We Like It

A crop of Clock Tower Valley by artist Scott C.
Image: Scott C
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Back to the Future is one of those film series that’s just filled with great scenes. There are so many, in fact, that if you were making a poster for the movie, settling on just one would be difficult. Artist Scott Campbell went the opposite way. He threw them all together and the results are excellent.

Behold Clock Tower Valley, the latest work from the artist known as Scott C., which is on sale now through March 13 at this link. The 16 x 20 inch poster is $70 and he’ll print as many as are sold in that time. Check it out in all its glory below, and make sure you click to blow it up further.

Clock Tower Valley by Scott C.
Image: Scott C

It’s all about the details here. From Uncle Joey in the crib to young George in the tree, to Marty’s photo just standing around—even Huey Lewis makes a cameo, just like the movie. And sure, you have to suspend your disbelief as there are multiple versions of multiple characters here, but that’s half the fun of Back to the Future in the first place. I love all the Martys and Docs and Biffs and Georges and Lorraines. Just great.

Plus, if you like Scott C.’s unique style but don’t want the whole poster, he’s got a bunch of Back to the Future pins, too. Those, along with the poster, are all available at this link, with the poster going away on March 13. And whether you grab those are not, we urge you to study the image closely and enjoy its many secrets.

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