This light-up Iron Man power source isn't just part of an awesome costume. It's also proof-of-concept for muscle-controlled computers that could one day guide your robot army.


Whenever you see a piece of awesome DiY tech, you know Arduinos are somehow involved, and this system is no different. Created by AdvancerTechnologies, it's a system that uses the electrical energy given off by your flexing muscle as an on/off signal to the computer that controls the Iron Man suit light. Writes the creator:

Advancer Technologies' "Bionic Iron Man Armor" harnesses the power of electromyography to give fans the power to directly control an Iron Man repulsor simply by flexing their muscle.


In the future, we might use systems somewhat like this to deliver commands to a robot exoskeleton. Flex your arm to move the suit's arm. Flex your legs to walk. Smile to shoot a deadly laser beam. Obviously.

Want to make one of these puppies yourself? You can! There's a tutorial over at AdvancerTechnologies.

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