This Avengers Vs. X-Men Movie Trailer Is Much Too Good to Be True

In the far flung future of a decade or so from now, where Marvel throws a money avalanche at Fox to get access to the cinematic rights for their Mutant superheroes, we’ll probably get a pretty fun Avengers and X-Men crossover. For now, though. we’ll have to make do with this delightful fan-made mash-up.


The trailer comes from YouTuber Alex Luthor—who’s work we’ve featured before—and draws on footage from all over the past decade and a half of superhero films, everything from the original X-Men trilogy, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s litany of movies, and yes, all three cinematic incarnations of Spider-Man. (Seriously, if this was a real movie Spidey would go through like, five costume changes.)

It’s really well done, and the action is merged in some surprisingly clever ways to blend all the disparate films into one cohesive trailer. But really, it’s nice to just watch and wonder what might be if Marvel and Fox ever make a deal over these movie rights.



James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I like to think that on another Earth, Marvel never sold the rights to any of its characters to other studios, and there the Fantastic 4, X-Men, Avengers, and Spidey all frolic freely in films together.

Maybe we’ll get a Secret Wars-style event in real life, and our world will merge with theirs. We can only hope.