This Avengers: Endgame Mashup Trailer Recalls a Decade of Hype

Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), pondering the past.
Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), pondering the past.
Image: Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame isn’t just the end of a major epoch in the MCU, it’s a culmination of a decade’s worth of movies. To reflect that, Fandango’s Movieclips has mashed up Endgame footage with dramatic moments and trailer clips from almost all the movies that came before.


The Ultimate Trailer Mashup is a well-edited exercise in looking both forward and backward. From the last sacrifices all the way back to the first, to the moments of drama and death that got us from Coulson’s loss in Avengers to the big dusting in Infinity War.

It’s only a few days left until Avengers: Endgame hits theaters. This trailer mashup is a nice victory lap, and a reminder of how far these movies have come. Endgame opens April 26th.


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Here is my guess of how this things going to go down:

1st act start: “Okay, we got Captain Marvel: we know where Thanos is, why don’t we just go and kick his ass?”

1st act end: Thor and Captain Marvel are dead.

2nd act start: “That didn’t work, but now we got Antman - what if we go back in time and get the stones before him?”

2nd act end: Antman and Captain America are dead.

3rd act start: Tony gets back, finally: “Okay, what if we figure out a way to control how this time thing flows?”

3rd act middle: They go out and get copies of Thor, Captain America and Captain Marvel. They go and get another gauntlet for Hulk to wear.

3rd act end: they get their asses kicked and This time Hulk is dead and so is Tony.

4th act start: another Tony Stark appears revealing that future tony came back to him shortly after the events of Iron Man 2 but before he had the shrapnel removed from his heart and gave him the technology and information necessary to create a suit that could wield the power of the stones. They go back, get a copy of the Hulk, a copy of Antman and Spiderman ... and manage to get the stones from Thanos.

4th act end: Tony nearly kills himself with the suit, removing him from the rest of the timeline but succeeds in mostly undoing the snap. When the team gets back they find Tony is a paraplegic, due to a complication with the shrapnel removal and Pepper isn’t pregnant. And nobody outside of Captain Marvel and Antman remembers he was there. A whole bunch of change.

After Credits scene: Captain America is walking away, and Captain Marvel stands behind him looking at him oddly. His face ripples as the scene fades to black. Setting up Secret Wars.