This Avengers/Deadpool Mashup Trailer is the Answer to a Question You Definitely Didn't Ask

Deadpool, mourning Deadpool and the tragic loss of Deadpool.
Deadpool, mourning Deadpool and the tragic loss of Deadpool.
Image: Screencap via YouTube

Well, this certainly is a thing someone made: what if all of the Avengers were, in fact, much more similar than they appeared? What if Marvel’s two most overmarketed properties merged together into one big superhero movie mess? What if… everyone… was… Deadpool.

Yep, thank YouTuber Mightyraccoon! for this monument to the glory of a good, albeit a bit nonsensical, fan parody. “Avengers: Endgame but everybody is DEADPOOL” is precisely what it says on the tin, a fan-edited and fan-voiced rendition of the new Avengers trailer, except every hero and villain is replaced… by Deadpool.

“I hope this doesn’t work,” says one Deadpool to another.

“Let’s hope it does,” says the other Deadpool. “’Cause I don’t want to see a fifth Avengers movie.”


That is a Deadpool-worthy sentiment, and this is a Deadpool-worthy trailer. Check it out.

Avengers: Endgame comes out April 26, 2019.

(Thanks to Comic Book Resources for digging up the trailer.)

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Pope Somhairle, Bishop of Evans, Pine, Hemsworth, Anti-Pratt

It’s not a bad Ryan Reynolds impression, but I found the lack of actual acting (seriously, once you notice that he has to end each sentence with an up inflection, you CAN'T not notice) made it less funny than it woukkd have been otherwise. Dude is a fine impressionist but about at Tommy Wiseau levels of line delivery.