This Audrey II skeleton will give you fang-filled Little Shop of Horrors nightmares

Illustration for article titled This Audrey II skeleton will give you fang-filled emLittle Shop of Horrors/em nightmares

Skeleton sculptor Tim Prince took a bit of the person-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors and added a pinch of Aliens' xenomorph queen to create this fearsome tribute to the horror comedy musical. I wouldn't put it past this critter to attempt world domination.


Prince used box turtle shells for the outer mouth (which actually brings to mind the Mario Bros. piranha plants a bit more than that singing carnivorous vegetable), plus mink vertabrae, a skunk skull, coyote teeth, and raccoon mandibles to round out the toothy nightmare. It just needs a few creepy offshoots for Audrey's offspring to bud on.

If you'd like own an Audrii muscipula of your very own, you'll need to plunk down $500 at Prince's Etsy store, ForgottenBoneyard, or else start setting your coyote traps.


Audrii muscipula [ForgottenBoneyard via Obvious Winner]

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I'll admit I haven't had a biology class since high school but, plants don't have a skeleton, right? Right?

Also, I'm not feeding that mother. Keep your room at the Ritz and your date with Hedy Lamarr, I'm outta here.