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The Asylum is known for monster/disaster moies like Sharknado, and straightto-home video homages to big-budget movies with cheap-o simulacrums such as Transmorphers. Now they be known for copyright infringement, as their new movie has a monster that is clearly one of Attack on Titan's Titans.

The movie is Megashark Vs. Kolossus, the latest in their presumably profitable Megashark franchise. Despite the fact the Kolossus is a Pacific Rim-style robot, I think you'll find it somewhat familiar. Here's the trailer (in Japanese, just for kicks):

And here's what AoT's Colossal Titan looks like, if you were unaware:


...yeah. I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence. I don't know if the Asylum thinks this falls under parody, or that the Japanese rightholders won't bother to sue, or if they want the controversy in hopes of selling more copies.